Adult Complex Care

We are a leading provider of complex care services and understand that with a long-term condition the resulting lack of independence can be very challenging.

To address this, we have developed a range of services that provide high quality complex care for those with long-term disabilities, health conditions or illnesses, enabling them to live independently in their own home for as long as possible.

Complex care funding is usually arranged through third parties such as Primary Care Trusts and Social Services, as well as solicitors and independent case managers. From the initial point of contact you will have an experienced nurse assigned as your case manager to arrange and supervise your care needs.

All of our complex care staff receive comprehensive in-house training and on-going clinical supervision from our team of highly trained nurses as well as specialist training from external experts in areas such as spinal cord injury, tracheostomy care and ventilation, amongst others.

Furthermore, all complex carers require their competencies signed off by a nurse prior to working with any client. This is a lengthy process which our nurses dedicate a lot of time to, ensuring that high standards are met and maintained.

Your case manager will review your care plan on a regular basis and if any changes are required they will communicate this to your care team. We always involve you and/or your family in the development of your care plan to ensure that the service meets your specific needs.

The Process

Our case managers are experienced in NHS continuing care requirements. For intensive and long-term care we assign a dedicated case manager who will start the process by assessing, planning and implementing a care plan in order to meet your individual needs.

When we receive your referral, we will visit you at home or in hospital and discuss what care is required. Using this information we will develop a detailed care plan and assess all the risks with the assistance of other healthcare professionals, family members and carers. Your case manager will attend all reviews and assessments and provide a single point of contact. In addition, your case manager will provide specialist intervention and assessments when required and will co-ordinate the delivery of any specialist healthcare requirements such as physiotherapy, visits by a tissue viability nurse or occupational therapist, amongst others.

Once your care plan is agreed with the relevant funding body we will create a contract to outline all the roles and responsibilities containing the following key information:

  • All relevant contact details for Health and Social Care professionals
  • Dates and times during the week when care is to be delivered
  • The scope of the services to be provided
  • A commitment to deliver continuous care such that in the event of illness or holidays we will endeavour to always have trained bank staff to cover duties
  • The costs of the care package are transparently laid out

Complex Care Services

We are experienced in caring for individuals with a wide range of disabilities and health conditions, including:

  • acquired brain injury
  • tracheostomy management
  • PEG feeding
  • spinal cord injury
  • ventilator dependence
  • suctioning
  • paediatric services covering all forms of complex clinical needs
  • motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders
  • dementia care
  • learning disabilities
  • palliative care